Lunch and snacks are included in the childcare fees and all food is prepared onsite by our cook. Children who attend all day gets a two course healthy meal and children attending for a morning or afternoon session are provided with a healthy snack.

We will always take any special dietary requirements for your child into consideration.

Oral health


Childsmile is a national programme designed to improve the oral health of children in Scotland. We work with the oral health team who provide tooth brushes for all children who attend our childcare service. The children will have an opportunity to brush their teeth while at nursery. We take part in the tooth varnishing programme and have visits from oral health staff to varnish children’s teeth. We will always ask for parental consent before these visits.

Vision screening

Right before the children move on to school they have the opportunity to have an eye test done in nursery.  The children are happy to have this done alongside their friends. We will always ask for parental consent before any test is carried out.