The Rainbow Room is for children aged 6 months to 2 years old and can have between 9 and 12 children for each session.  Our qualified childcare staff plan learning experiences around the children’s senses using guidance from Education Scotland’s Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families.

Room lay-out

The room layout is changed based on the developmental stage of the children.

  • The room lay-out gives children space and pull along toys to encourage them to take their first steps
  • The room lay-out encourages independence to feed themselves, sitting at the table with friends for lunch and snack
  • Messy play with paint, dough, sand and water play
  • Treasure basket where the very young children have opportunity to sit and explore a variety of natural materials through touch, taste and smell
  • Parents are encouraged to bring a toy or comforter from home to settle their child
  • Photographs of the child’s family are displayed around the room
  • Stories, rhymes, songs and music are part of the everyday activity for the children
  • Sensory room available throughout the day for the children to spend time in, to explore the variety of equipment or for a quiet time to listen to the music and watch the colourful light displays


All children have a key worker who will be their main carer in the nursery and will ensure information is passed to parents and will meet with parent to update them on their child’s development.

Senior Early Years and Childcare Worker:
Sandra McEleney

Early Years and Childcare Workers:
Alison Haldane
Michaela Newton
Vathsala Rajkumar